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Mitigating And Avoiding Legal Disputes Starts With Appropriate Training

One of the keys to avoiding employment litigation is proper training for both your management and non-management employees. Ms. Lynch provides a wide variety of employment-related training for employees, supervisors, managers, and human resources professions. Group or individual training can be provided. Ms. Lynch also offers one-on-one coaching for individuals who need a better understanding of his or her duties under the law, how his or her actions could result in liability, and how to avoid such liability and succeed in his or her position. The following is a sampling of Ms. Lynch’s training topics:

  • COVID-19 policies and procedures
  • California’s paid sick leave requirements
  • Sexual harassment training for managers and nonmanagers
  • Hiring, disciplining and terminating employees
  • Conducting proper performance reviews
  • Basic employment law for new managers
  • How to conduct a prompt, thorough and objective workplace investigation
  • Basic wage and hour requirements
  • Sensitivity training
  • Reasonable accommodations and the interactive process
  • Family and Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act, Pregnancy Disability Act, Disability and Workers’ Compensation Leave
  • Meal and rest period requirements
  • Overtime issues
  • Calculating travel time/working time issues

The Importance Of Training For Morale, Improved Job Satisfaction And Turnover Prevention

The old proverb, “a stitch in time saves nine” is never more accurate than when it comes to training your employees. Preemptive training, before problems arise, can prevent future litigation. While training is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking, it is important and appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

Businesses need workers who can not only do their jobs, but who can also transition to other jobs. Keeping talent within your organization means that you retain their acquired knowledge and skill.

Mary Lynch has facilitated and led hundreds of training sessions over the past decades. She can assess your needs and craft a plan that is tailored to your company, your timeline, and your budget.  Working with a seasoned California employment law attorney can also help ensure that your training program meets or exceeds local, state, and federal guidelines and requirements.

The Various Types Of Workplace Training

Training is one of the best investments a business can make to ensure the health and growth of its employees. When you take the time to properly and fully train your workforce, you are essentially investing in your own business. Employees who understand their roles and responsibilities are more confident  and competent in their performance.  When you invest in training, you invest in your team. This sends the message that your employees are valued and supported. Ms. Lynch can assist with and provide trainings programs, either separately or as a comprehensive unit. The types of training Ms. Lynch can facilitate include:

  • Mandatory sexual harassment training
  • New manager training
  • Hiring and termination training
  • Sensitivity training
  • COVID training as per OSHA, state and federal requirements and regulations

Quality workplace training can improve the skills, capabilities, understanding and knowledge of your team. Training can also be a platform to anticipate and answer questions and avoid misunderstandings.

The Benefits Of Training To Employees And Business Owners

There are myriad benefits to workplace training. When your team understands your expectations and the resources available to them, they attain a greater sense of control and satisfaction. Employees who feel a sense of control and mastery report higher levels of job satisfaction. This can prevent expensive turnover. Studies show that effective workplace training leads to:

  • Less on-the-job waste of product and time
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Consistency in process and output
  • Less required supervision
  • Retention of developing talent
  • Improved organizational structure

Are You Looking For A Workplace Trainer? Ms. Lynch Can Help.

Find out more about the training programs that are required or available to your business by contacting the Mary E. Lynch Law Offices. If you have a topic you would like training on, please contact Ms. Lynch to discuss.