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The Value Of Working With A Qualified Attorney On California Workplace Audits

Businesses, especially small businesses, cannot afford to overlook or ignore risks when it comes to the workplace. There are several reasons for this besides protecting the business and not wanting employees to experience harm. Audits are useful to identify and diagnose issues or potential issues such as wage and hour issues or policies and procedures that fail to comply with California law. Conducting an audit can ensure your business complies with California’s extensive employment-related laws, yet runs as efficiently as possible. This is in the best interest of shareholders, owners, managers, and the employees who depend on employment for their livelihoods.

Mary Lynch has extensive experience conducting workplace audits. As a small but experienced firm, she is able to offer a la carte services with a personal touch so you receive legal services tailored to your specific needs.

The Workplace Audit Process

Workplace audits can be comprehensive or address a single issue. Working with a small but experienced law firm affords your business the flexibility and agility you need to receive prompt personal attention while keep costs low.

What Does A Workplace Audit Entail?

There are several valuable facets to this process. The audit steps generally include Ms. Lynch physically or virtually “visiting” the business and:

  • Reviewing, assessing, and updating policies and procedures, employee handbooks, new hire packages, and applications;
  • Reviewing and analyzing time records, meal and rest records, pay stubs and pay processes;
  • Analyzing and confirming wage and hour classifications, including exemptions and independent contractor classification; and
  • Assessing and updating leave of absence, interactive process and other disability-related forms and notices.
  • Implementing best practices based on your business’ goals and specific concerns
  • Establishing successful remedies and measures to mitigate liability

Why Are Audits Conducted?

There are many reasons why an audit may be needed:

  • Growth: The policies and procedures mandated by California law increase significantly once a company grows to 50 or more employees.
  • Changing/New Laws: California employment laws are added and changed often
  • Preemption: Having compliant policies and procedures prevents future liability.
  • Remediation: Facing an employee lawsuit or claim may require a Company to remedy its practices and procedures.

Regardless of the reason for the audit, Ms. Lynch will ensure your business is operating in alignment with California and federal employment law.

Work With An Attorney Who Has Conducted 100s Of Workplace Audits

During her more than 25 years of practice, Ms. Lynch has conducted hundreds of workplace audits for companies in various industries including manufacturing, construction, hospitality, food, retail, private education, health care, and transportation. She has an extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and how they apply to different work environments. Call Mary E. Lynch Law Offices at 949-516-9864 or initiate contact by sending a website inquiry email.