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Vital Changes To The Workplace Since COVID-19

Since the onset of the worldwide COVID pandemic, workplaces have had to modify their policies in both big and small ways. It is crucial that employers stay up to date on how to keep their employees safe. Understanding both your rights and obligations can reduce the risk of lawsuits while keeping the employees in your workplace healthy.

Ms. Lynch has over 25 years of experience identifying and implementing workplace changes. She can help ensure your management and staff understands how to implement processes that will mitigate the risk of Covid-19 exposure in the office and the importance of doing so.

OSHA Regulations And California Businesses

News regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing. It is important that your business implements both communication and safety measures with the safety and health of your staff in mind. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board is a seven-member body appointed by the governor. The board’s duty is to set standards of safety in the workplace. The board has the power to grant or deny applications for permanent variances from adopted standards. The board also responds to petitions for new or revised standards. The decisions of the board have not always aligned with those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health. As of June 15, 2021, California “reopened” by removing capacity limits and distancing rules. Additionally, the mask mandate was rescinded for vaccinated patrons. Despite this, many places of business that serve the public have opted to maintain required mask-wearing for workers as not all workers and patrons have been vaccinated. Privately owned stores and businesses have instituted their own rules regarding masks.

It’s important to know what will work for your business. The Law Offices of Mary E. Lynch is here to help you understand how the laws relating to COVID-19 may affect your staff, your customers and your daily operations.

For updated information from the CDC regarding businesses, follow this link.

COVID-19 Protection And Prevention

The CDC offers guidelines on social distancing, sick leave, positive COVID-19 tests, cleaning, critical business designations, ventilation and more on its FAQ for Business page. If you are unsure of which mandate to follow or which rules are germane to your particular business, it may be in your best interest to consult with a California employment law attorney who also handles COVID-19 issues. Ms. Lynch has over two decades of experience guiding businesses as they pivot to adhere to local and state-wide regulations. She can help you understand your options and navigate the new restrictions placed on businesses throughout California.

Guidance Is Available For Your Business

Mary E. Lynch Law Offices is available to answer questions and provide guidance for your business during these uncertain and fluctuating times. Call 949-516-9864 or send Ms. Lynch an email. The firm serves the employment law needs of businesses of all sizes and Ms. Lynch has over 25 years of California employment law experience. In addition to providing legal guidance, she offers training, audit, and investigation services.